The Most Popular Sports for Betting in New Zealand


Sports betting in New Zealand has been around for years and Kiwis love every aspect of betting on their favourite team or individuals. Due to the history of the huge sport surrounding New Zealand, it´s only fitting that many Kiwis continue to make sports bets.

With many types of sports available within New Zealand, there are also many types of betting. By having so many sports options, it can be difficult to determine which sport or sports are the most popular to bet on. This is why, as a punter, you may need to figure out which sport is your favourite to bet on.

Before we get into the types of sports that are most commonly bet on, it is a good idea to know what sports betting is and what it involves.

Sports Betting…What is it?

Betting on sports allows an individual to place bets on a sport after deciding on a prediction concerning the results. As recently as 2018, this type of gambling made up close to 20% of the revenue of global sports, which was close to $450 billion. As far as which type of sports are bet on, it depènds on how popular the sport is and this will depend on the location. It is predicted that the market for sports betting will be as high as 8% by the end of 2022. Below are a few sports that are the most popular to bet on within New Zealand.

Betting on Rugby

Among the sports played by New Zealanders, rugby is among the popular ones. This team sport is full of hard-hitting action that continuously has fans anticipating more. New Zealand offers more than one version of rugby. The first is known as the rugby union and the other is the rugby league. The rugby union is played at a slow pace and on an international level. The rugby league is a fast pace version that is played domestically. Regardless of which version you bet on, the bet types normally used are exotic or basic win.

Straight Bets

Betting on Cricket

Cricket is a sport not only loved by the English but Kiwis just the same. Initially, the only type of Cricket game played was known as First-Class matches, which took 5 days to play. They were normally played locally unless there was an international match set up, then it would be known as a Test match.

By 1960, a new style of Cricket developed in England known as Limited Overs Cricket, which almost landed on the international level. When an England vs Australia match became rained out, a change in the innings was conducted. Today, the cricket matches are only one day and continue to be very popular.

Then, in 2020 the Cricketing sport changed once again when a version known as T20 came about from the Cricket Board in England. The purpose was to decrease the amount of time for an inning to be an hour and a half. This was so each game made time for other activities such as school and offers. The T20 version eventually went internationally shortly after where Auckland became the location for the initial match.

Betting on Tennis

Although not as popular as the other sports to bet on in New Zealand, Tennis is still an option. There are many Propositions you can place, such as who will win a set, game, or match. You can also make bets on the handicaps, in which the bet is made based on a certain point spread.

With a total of 4 Grand Slams within the sport of Tennis, the number of spectators and bets have increased over the years. In January, the Australian Open is always held and afterwards is the French Open, which runs from the end of to the first week of June.

With Wimbledon, it starts at the end of June and ends at the beginning of July. The fourth Grand Slam is the US Open, which is held in the United States and begins in August and ends in September.

Betting on Horse Racing

The initial horse race to take place in New Zealand occurred in the 1830s. With this long history, it is no surprise that the sport remains popular. Despite this popularity, the sport became heavily regulated in the 19th century, which banned the participation of bookies.

Fortunately, in 1950 the ban was lifted which made many markets available for betting on horses within New Zealand. Today, Kiwis can continue to enjoy betting on the winner as well as who places second and third. Besides the placing, bets are also placed known as Betting Without offers. This betting type can make a fair win without any favourite to worry about while betting.

With so many sports choices available for horse racing, the market can be filled with Accumulators. These permit multiple bets to take place on a single slip. When you multiply the wins, there will be a bigger amount to win. However, it is necessary to make the correct bet each time. This can cause a bigger risk to occur.

Football (Soccer)

With Football, its popularity is huge among the international realm, which includes the players. There is nothing better in the world than being aware of the athletes performing the best they can and being able to make a bet on the winning team is even better.

For New Zealanders, betting on Football can be placed on which team will win, Propositions, Point Spreads, and even totals. To make a Prop bet it will depend on the amount of skill, which could involve the first team to make a goal or even the first team to be penalized.

Under the FIFA rules, the World Cup is once every 4 years. It is a sporting event that many look forward to. Not only that but another is known as the Under-20 world cup, which is a biennial. This is highly regarded as it is played by both men and women teams. The women´s version is considered to be just as fun and popular as the men.

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