How to Pick Winners in Horse Racing


Horse Racing is a royal sport and pretty complex when it comes to wagers in the events. The outcomes of the race are always unpredictable, which offers people a chance to bet on the horses. Several factors like the ground condition, horse’s health, jockeys can affect the outcomes, and it allows spectators to plan and guess the winners. There are some key attributes that you need to keep in mind while you guess the winner for the races. Although, as you become more and more familiar with the races, you can keep learning new factors to help place your wagers, in the beginning, you need these five important attributes to pick winners in horse racing.

horse racing


Going is an attribute that is effective in picking a winning horse during the winter season. The horses can perform differently in different seasons and surfaces. They might not be the best in a certain surface, but can be untouched in other terrains. The performance of the horses depends on their natural environment where they grew up learning. While some may be the best on better ground, other horses can fly through muddy courses. Check for the horse’s performance in the terrain during the testing to get an idea of how it will perform in the race.



The pedigree of the horses can give a lot of detail about its performance and strength. It can give you more details about the horse than anything else. From how fast it can run to how quickly it can reach its peak, you can have a better understanding of your horse. You can find the guides about the breeding of the horses to get a better idea about your best pick. The maidens can give you long term clues about how the horses will perform in the race.


The distance of the racecourse can also play a major role. As mentioned above, the stamina and endurance of the horse are important in determining whether it can successfully complete the race. If the terrain is harsh, it can limit a horse, and they can only go so far before they run out of stamina. Find a horse with the best stamina and place your bets on it for long courses.


Course form

Every course has unique characterstics, and horses also have their favorite venues to race. A horse that can perform in all kinds of racecourses or a horse that is known to be unbeatable in a certain racecourse should always be your choice for placing wagers.

Handicap mark

Once the horses reach their higher threshold in handicaps, they will have to face more competitive horses in the higher weighted categories. Despite being the best in their previous league, they will take time to become competitive in higher markers. It is important that you check the rating of the horses and compare it to their last wins. This will give you an idea about how familiar the horse is with the present league.

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