Making money betting on horse racing


Horse racing is the third most popular sport to bet on, and has gained wide range of popularity over the years. Unlike other sports and sports betting, making money betting on horses, is a tad bit time-consuming and requires expert skill and knowledge in doing so.

From choosing the horses to bet on, to deciding from the activities of bets, the horse race betting is a long journey. Stay tight because, in this article, we’re going to briefly take you on that journey.


Before a bettor actually gains success and wealth using horse betting, it is important to start from the basics, and the terminologies. Some of the basis includes, reading a jargon related to horse racing, and more like that which we unfortunately will not cover in this article. Hand capping, the jargons, and terms etc, all fall under the umbrella of the basic skills of horse race betting.

Jockeys and Trainers

Jockeys and Trainers

If you wish to learn the basics of horse racing and betting on horses, in general, then jockeys and horse trainers are the ones to look out for! Some of them have the most expert knowledge in their field and can guide you in the right direction. During a race, if the jokey has a couple of horses backed up, but decide to set only one on the race, then the horse is probably hand-picked by the jockey and screams the horses’ ability.


Forms are the previous races that horses have encountered in, which also include the barrier trials. Barrier trails is a fancy name given to the warm-ups of the horse, and it is extremely crucial because it decides the fate of millions of people in choosing the horse, and also to select which ones can race to smaller matches.

You will know a horse is good, if the horse runs several races year. Before you bet on a certain horse, make sure you enquire about the forms of the horse, and other details.

Track Formation and the Conditions

Track Formation and the Conditions

It can be a surprising fact when we mention that the weather conditions of a horse racing track, plays a crucial role in the math, even more than other sports like cricket and football. Needless to say, some of the horses actually prefer to run on sticky and muddy surfaces, while the others on hard mud and the tracks. When you’re betting on a horse, analyze the condition of the ground, and the weather condition of the place.

In addition to this, also keep track on what kind of mud the horse is expert in. Based on these information’s, it is easier to make informed choices and decisions during a race.


Although the article does not point to the types of bets, and the betting strategies, knowing the external factors like the ones mentioned above, plays a crucial role in identifying the right kind of horse for your bet. After all, it all comes down to how the horse performs on the racing stage.

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