3 Trends in Betting and Gambling for 2020


With every passing year, the demand for enhanced features in the gambling industry keeps increasing, which could be a result of the previous advancements’ outdated approach. Even when the technologies have served their best, the craving more never ceases because the world has adapted to the trend of being upgraded frequently. Everything from esports and casino games to sports betting has developed huge revenue worldwide, and their markets keep growing into the most profitable ones in the entertainment industry. Since more digital marvels are being created, software developers are under tremendous demand. Custom-built software solutions alone wouldn’t serve the purpose; the graphics and gaming options must also meet the bar that the users have set with their expectations. Several aspects are bound to change gambling in this new decade, which can be the reformative age for gambling. Let us look at a few trends in gambling in 2020 that have the potential to change the outlook of the activity.

1.      Cryptocurrency Transactions

‘Blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ are common terms that almost everyone is familiar with. Although billions of people are yet to explore this innovation’s technological abilities, it has become a burning topic of discussion in the last decade. Since Bitcoin’s advent in 2008, the cryptocurrency industry has received a lot of attention, leading to the development of altcoins by other companies. Multiple computers manage time-stamped records in the blockchain, and it doesn’t contain a central location to control the transactions. Cryptography is used in the system to secure the data being stored in these blocks.

Casinos from many parts of the world incorporated blockchain technology to boost the efficiency of certain operations. Since blockchain pays out in smart contracts, the casinos have used the technology to make safer and faster transactions using fiat currency. Users had to provide the casinos with sensitive information such as banking and personal details while depositing money. With blockchain, security doesn’t become much of a concern since all the information is scattered over multiple computers, making it almost impossible to access these data.


2.      Live Dealer Games

Technology brought plenty of changes to gambling, and the most significant one was the launch of live dealer casinos. Despite the growing popularity of online casinos, gamblers loved to flock land-based casinos for the luxurious experience. However, with the incorporation of live streaming features, people have found a way to play their favorite games without traveling long distances through the traffic on the roads. Not many players accepted the operation of RNG in online casinos, leading to the development of live casinos. Now the gamblers can bet on games with human dealers handling the table.

3.      AR and VR

Although augmented reality and virtual reality have found their space in many other gaming practices, gambling was slow to adopt. Several online casinos have started incorporating it into their existing games. A virtually real experience and the augmented effects make gambling more engaging. Both these technologies are yet to open their box of wonders. In the coming years, gambling is expected to take the next big step into virtual reality.

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